I live in Colombia.
Over recent years I have worked in a number of commercial and management positions in highly demanding profit environments and I have a passion for photography.
I  find peace, satisfaction, happiness and relaxation in photographing landscapes, nature, street scenes and people besides the daily stressful life.
I started with photography due of a present from my cousin on my 8th birthday: an analog camera from the brand Ricoh.
The following years my equipment was expanded with the analog cameras of Olympus: OM 10 and OM 2.
In 2008 I stepped into the digital arena.
At the moment my equipment consists of the E-system of Olympus: the camera’s E330, E30 and E5 including different lenses.
I’m convinced that the best way to become a better photographer is to look to- and to learn from the work and comments of  fellow photographers.

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